Viñasol is a group of small wine grape producers, including contratistas working together with the firm objective of helping the development of one another through the recuperation and recovery of small vineyards that are threatened by the low profitability of their harvest, and by real estate developments.

Viñasol is strongly committed to defending and preserving the historic role
of the contratista, the small vineyard contractor

This profession, which has been extremely important in the growth of the wine industry in Mendoza, is in danger of extinction. Basically, it refers to a contract between “a vineyard owner” and “a contractor” where the two parties make a formal agreement as to the responsibilities of the contractor (trimming, tethering, soil work, pruning, fertilizer application etc), and the obligations of the producer (intake, monthly payments etc).

The contractor receives a small monthly wage per each hectare that he works, but the most important monetary compensation he receives is 15 to 18 per cent of the final harvest.

This way, contractors and producers are associates, facing each year’s divergent climatic and hygienic hazards together.