The goals of the association are:

a) Support, promote and protect the social and economic development of small grape producers and vineyard contractors in the Province of Mendoza (from here on, we will use the term 'small producer' to include the contratistas or vineyard contractors as well).

b) Ensure that more than 50 per cent of the total sales volume represented by the association will be cultivated and produced by small producers.

c) Facilitate practices of organic
agriculture among associates to improve the use of natural resources, protect the environment and the health of the associates and their communities.

d) Avoid the disappearance of small vineyards with low profit value in high-quality wine-growing zones ("first zones") by joining efforts, making the most of economic and human resources.

e) Offer technical advice to associates, assisting them to achieve an excellent quality grape according to both the national and international standards required for wine making.

f) Establish infrastructure on behalf of the association members for the commercialization of their products.

g) Create a social fund, allowing members to meet objectives they determine on their own.

h) Guarantee the equality of all association members.

i) Strengthen the values of solidarity.

j) Sponsor and co-sponsor projects with NGOs to develop solidarity actions in the areas where our members carry out their principal activities.