Altogether, the associates’ vineyards total approximately 80 hectares of grapes, mostly Malbec.

The potential production is 400,000 kg (4,000 qq), of which approximately 50 per cent are commercialized under the Fair Trade FLO-Cert certification via wineries also certified, including Bodega Furlotti SA and Trivento Bodegas y Viñedos.

Contratistas and producers work year-round in the vines, starting the annual cycle with pruning and ending with harvesting. Given the range of size of the vineyards, from 0.8 ha to 30 ha, the work is done by scale in each vineyard. For example, in our group we have three associates who still work their vines with animals.

The group receives advice from the wineries, particularly when defining the grape quality.  Close to harvest time, irrigation control comes into play, as well as the potential use of agrochemical products, and in some cases stripping is required in order to achieve the best quality. Harvest is done manually with shears and traditional baskets.

These vines are mostly very old. Within our group we have vines more than 80 years old. Although the grapes themselves have been renovated through a system of rooting (cutting the plant near the soil, forming new buds) or sprouting (burying part of the vine until it generates a new plant), the original genetic material has been maintained practically intact. Old vines, with very old trunks, can result in the optimal maturation of the grapes.