Viña de la Solidaridadis located in the Province of Mendoza, Argentina, at 32° 52 latitude south and 68° 51 longitude west, in the centre-west of the country. Mendoza’s soil originates in the eroding rocks of the Andes Mountain Range. The soil is then transported by both wind and water to the plains below.

Luján de Cuyo, the provincial department where most of the associates’ vineyards are located, is characterized by a gentle southwest/northeast slope, silt-like soils with stony superficial layers. These are soils ideal for the production of quality Malbec grapes. The average altitude in the zone is 900 meters above sea level.

The weather here is
temperate, Mediterranean-like, with a large thermo-variation, low humidity, high relative sun irradiation (heliophany), and an average annual accumulation of 180 mm/year of seasonal spring-summer rains. An important local phenomenon is the warm and dry “Zonda” wind, and hail can also be very important.

Most of the vines here are irrigated by a superficial and historic system.